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Qualifications – Quality Policy

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BRUNNER METAL SHAPING LTD. set the following targets for itself to increase its effective operation and efficiency, and in order to continuously increase the satisfaction of its customers (people – organizations using the services):
Our activities and the related services shall ensure the customers’ – clients’ satisfaction.
Our goal is to provide safe services in respect of humans and the environment of our customers and organizations receiving the services from exploring the needs through every stage of the implementation.
Through our vendor rating system we ensure that in the activities carried out by us, only well trained, professionally excellent companies, organizations and people can take part.
With the help of the tools of our quality management system, we are constantly and methodically improving the quality of our services.
We control and document the processes affecting the quality in order to have transparent processes, sub-processes and activities and an implementation that can be easily checked.
We provide professional development to our employees through the cultivation of the professional relationships, planned training sessions and through our participation in professional events.
We take into account the environmental considerations and we collect waste selectively to protect the environment.

In addition to its own provisions and directives BRUNNER METAL SHAPING LTD. considers its own internal Code of Ethics binding to itself and to the experts and subcontractors involved and carries out its activity and expects participating parties to carry out their activities according to these.

Our welders are certified.