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Mechanical engineering and component manufacturing reference works by industry

Caterpillar villázó gyártás. Gépgyártás, alkatrészgyártás

Component production for automotive industry

Brunner Ltd. has years of experience in the field of component manufacturing for the automotive industry, the production of small series parts, samples and prototypes.

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Parts manufacturing

Production of custom, limited series items. Prototype production. The production of unique, no longer available parts for refurbishing machines, based on samples too.

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Equipment in the field of sport

Brunner Metal Shaping Ltd. has many years of experience in the field of manufacturing sport equipment. Gym equipment, the production of Olympic kayak and canoe starting machine lines

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színháztechnikai gépek gyártása

Manufacturing parts for theater technology

Machinery of the theater technology: production of stage moving equipment, production of the top mechanical equipment of the rope attic. Production, on-site installation of hydraulic, pneumatic equipment

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egyedi lemezhullámosítógép gyártás

Manufacturing other machines and equipment

The main field of Brunner Ltd. is to manufacture custom machines and equipment. We also manufacture custom designed, custom workpieces, prototypes and parts of small series. Renovation, modernization and transformation of machines.

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Aszfalt - diletáció vágó, építőipari gépgyártás

Construction machinery

Brunner Ltd. has several references in the field of building industrial machinery. Reinforcement processing machines, production of concrete molds, production of custom machines and restoration, makeover, machine modernization.

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Hevederfeszítő - egyedi gépgyártás - Brunner Fémmegmunkáló Kft.

Production and refurbishment of rubber industry machinery

Since its establishment Brunner Metal Shaping Ltd. has been supplier to the rubber industry. Is has manufactured several machine lines for the Taurus company in Szeged. It has great experience in the field of production of rubber industry machines.

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Nyomdaipari gépek, alkatrészek gyártása

Printing machinery

Brunner Metal Forming Ltd. is also experienced in the field of manufacturing printing machinery, custom mechanical engineering, renovation and machinery makeover, and manufacturing parts of limited series.

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sinegyengető gépgyártás

Specific machines and equipment for rail industry

We ship custom machines, equipment and parts to several countries in Europe for the rail industry. The customers in the rail industry expect extremely high quality from the suppliers, since the railway industry is a dangerous one, where the operational reliability is a fundamental requirement. For this technological discipline, precise machining and continuous quality control is an absolute must.

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Acéllemez hegesztő-kalibrálógép

The production of machines, parts in the steel industry

Brunner Metal Forming Ltd. has years of experience in the field of manufacturing iron and steel industry machines and parts. Custom machine building, machine repair, production of small series parts.

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The returning customers over the last few years without limitation:

  • Alexis ’93 Kft
  • Barabás Mérnökiroda Kft
  • BKV Zrt
  • Contitech Rubber Industrial Kft
  • Daxes Kft
  • Flexo Tech Kft
  • Kematechnik Mérnökiroda Kft
  • KGYV Műszaki Kereskedelmi Kft
  • Kompozitor Műanyagipari Fejlesztő Kft
  • Kovács és Társa Kft
  • Michelin Hungária Kft
  • Moréna Kft
  • Polaritás GM Kft
  • Robotec Solutions AG
  • Rt Engineering + CO GmbH
  • Seuthe GmbH
  • Systec System und Anlagentechnik GmbH
  • Tri-Pro-Log GmbH